Monday, November 8, 2010

little miss busy

Because of all that transpired on Thursday I haven't yet posted the good news on Natalie's 15 month check-up. So here it is!

First thing, the doctor hands me the little piece of paper with her stats and says, "I bet you never thought you would see those numbers for her!"

So true!

Weight: 21 lbs 14 1/2 ounces 40th percentile
Height: 31 inches 70th percentile
Head: 18 inches 45th percentile

My tiny baby is getting big!

Natalie had a great appointment. She is perfect. ;)

I know moms always say this, but her life has flashed before my eyes. Time seemed to go by slower with Marisa, I think because she was my only child, but with Natalie I can barely keep up with all of her changes and milestones. I guess that is life with two kids?? I don't even want to know how fast life goes with more!

Natalie is talking a lot. Mostly jibberish but to her she thinks she makes perfect sense. But to my amazement she has been learning almost a new word a day. Natalie is always happy and loves to love life. She loves to say hi and wave to anybody. Whether it is our neighbor's dog or a stranger walking by our shopping cart at a store. She physically can't keep still and we are in constant amazement how she can maneuver her little body to do the things she does. Can you stand up straight on tip toes on the bottom edge of the back of a table chair? I didn't think so.

I love my little Natalie. She keeps me way busy. Two kids make me way busy. But I'm loving where I am at, I am loving my two girls. Life is good right now.

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