Monday, November 8, 2010

apple farm

I think we are done with the visiting of farms for preschool fieldtrips. I'm farmed out. :) But if my kiddo is having fun, then it is all worth it. It was a very long, busy day so I'm going to let the pics do all the talking for me.

The first thing we did was make freshly squeezed apple cider. Anything fresh is right up my alley.

The farm had a few apple presses lined up where the kids got to throw in fresh apples from their farm into a grinder. The grinder spits out the skin and everything else into a bucket below while the juice of the apple slowly drips out into a pail.

Once the bucket below is full, our guide wrapped up the grinded apples in a sack and then the machine pressed the apples down real good until the juice from the apples were flowing down. My mouth was already watering at this moment. Once the pail at the end of the press was full he filled up a gallon jug with our fresh apple cider. We drank it for lunch and it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

The apples, the fall colors, the coolness in the air, so yummy.

Next, they got to go on a tractor hayride. Hayrides are even fun as an adult I have to say. During the hayride we got to see a rooster, which kept "cock-a-doodling", as Marisa would say, really loudly. It was pretty cool to listen to so up close. And the piglets were just a few days old and they were sooo tiny. Pretty cute for such ugly little things.

They also got to "learn" about corn, the different parts to a corn, different ways they used the parts back in the day, and how they grind it. This part was so boring as the lady talked for like what seemed forever in the most uninteresting way possible. So many times I wanted to interrupt and say, "They are only 3." But I know I can be overbearing and bossy sometimes so I didn't. She definitely acknowledged how young they were, but she had no idea how to really reach them. The only fun part after the 30 minute lecture was pretending to grind the corn.

At the end, the kids got to fill their own bag with apples they picked from the trees themselves. Marisa thoroughly enjoyed this part.

I love the look on my kid's face when she is having fun.

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