Monday, November 29, 2010

desert for Thanksgiving

Since Tim and I have started dating we have always had Thanksgiving in California. So for the past 6 years! Well, I take that back, one of those six years was in Utah with his side of the family still.
This year we decided to change things up a bit and head over to AZ to see my cousins on my dad's side. Phoenix is so close I can't believe we haven't gone sooner.
The girls were great, unlike our Utah trip, and they had a blast. So many of my cousin's kids to play with, space to roam, and my aunt and uncle are killer grandparents and spoiled my own children like their own grandchildren. We had so much fun with everybody and we are definitely going to make an effort to visit more.

I was totally lame and didn't take pictures of my fam. Well, I have a few, but it is not of everybody and they aren't that great...
What I do have pictures of is our white trash outting on the drive back. :) We stopped for lunch at Subway in Yuma, AZ, and while we were getting out of the car Marisa sees a big mouse on top of a building. She says, "OH, LOOK!" She has never been to Chuck-E-Cheese before and the mouse alone was enough for her to beg us to go in there without even knowing what is in there!
So Tim and I just smiled at each other and I said, "Well, here we go!" And we just laughed while walking over there because we felt so white trash going to Chuck-E-Cheese in the middle of nowhere. The girls sure loved the games (even though half were not functioning and I had to ask a dude to keep coming and fixing them), but they were both deathly afraid of the mouse when he came out to see the kids! Oh the memories...haha.

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