Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mormon battalion

We took a day trip with other families from church to visit the Mormon Battalion and the San Diego Temple on Saturday. I have never visited the Mormon Battalion before. It was super interesting to learn more about my spiritual ancestors and to feel their trials and faith. They amaze me.
The girls had fun pretending to be pioneers afterwards. Panning for gold, washing clothes, and pumping water. I'm grateful that my Father in Heaven knows me and that I wasn't born during that time. I would have been a terrible pioneer. Tim had to help me pump the water every time because it was just too hard for me.

The San Diego temple is MAGNIFICENT on the outside. I've driven by it on the freeway a couple of times and it is no wonder it literally causes collisions on the road. So as you can imagine I was dying to see the inside. Not only is it huge, it is BEAUTIFUL. All the temples in the world are, but I secretly hope one of my daughters gets married in San Diego. :) Stunning.
Tim and I have made it a goal to visit the temple as a family as often as possible. Once we even met Tim during lunch and had a picnic on the temple grounds at the Newport Beach Temple. We really want the girls to know and feel the importance of the temple. It truly is a sanctuary and I know the girls felt the spirit.

After it all, we stopped at the ever so popular In-n-Out. During the always long line, Marisa wanted my camera and I love the pictures she took. Here is the perspective of our little 3 year old. If only life was as simple as hers.


adam.katie521 said...

Hey Tanya, it's Katie (King) Rindfleisch. I like your post about the temple! We got married in the San Diego Temple during all the construction so it's nice to see the real pictures of the temple! I am glad you like it! Its as beautiful inside as out. HOpe all is well! Your girls are SOO cute!

Kristen said...

Lobo: That picture that your kid took of you in the car is pretty much EXACTLY why I love you and miss you so much =)


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