Monday, November 1, 2010


We started the Halloween festivities this year with a preschool Halloween party at the park. Marisa makes a beautiful Cinderella. Her favorite Disney princess.

Then, with Halloween falling on Sunday this year I am sure grateful for the annual trunk-or-treat church activitiy that took its place yesterday! Always a hit.
Marisa has been particularly beyond excited for trick-or-treating this past month. She totally remembers last year and just couldn't contain her excitement for this year. I love seeing her pure enthusiasim for the holidays. Plus, she got to walk around with Grandpa! Who doesn't love that?

Natalie, our cute little bumble bee, was perfectly content with a sucker. Her favorite piece of candy. Doesn't she look so dang cute?!
And lastly, we carved out a jack-o-lantern from the pumpkin Marisa picked out at the pumpkin patch from her fieldtrip for preschool.

Does the face look familiar?? Hint: She has four teeth now. Two on bottom and her top fangs. No two middle top teeth. Weird huh? haha

Happy Halloween, from the Harts!

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Kristen said...

Ok, to start... those kids in the first picture look-- well, not very excited =)

Second-- your babies obviously look like you, but I do see so much of Tim in them. They're adorable!!!

Third-- I think you're great. I wish neither of us were so loyal to our home states... cuz we'd have so much fun if we lived next to each other =)


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