Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Schools out for summer

First grade is done for Marisa!
Her first school year back in the states has been a pretty good one. It started out rocky for me because I was crazy frustrated and semi paranoid with the U.S curriculum in the beginning. Marisa, on the other hand, couldn't contain herself she had so much excitement about school. She was counting down the days until school started because she loved it so much in the UK and missed it terribly. 
Without going on too much of a tangent, I struggled greatly with thoughts of Marisa plateauing academically when the school year started. Her kindergarten year in the UK was basically 1st grade level. Even Marisa showed a little concern when she said, "But I already did Year 1!" But after much prayer and discussion with Tim and some trusted friends, I was able to calm down a bit and just work around the curriculum/situation myself. As annoying as it is that I have to do that, a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do!

Marisa more than excelled at school this year. She wowed her teacher and performed above and beyond on her school work, tests, assessments, and skills.
Most importantly, she really grew individually and continues to blossom in such a bright young lady. I really am so, so proud of her. I love her.
Plus, she still loved school! She had 7 church members in her class, a great group of girls to play with, and a best friend. So all in all, it was a good year.

These girls played well together and are such cute buddies. Look at my little pip squeak! haha

Marisa with her best friend, Katya. These two I tell ya...

And Marisa with her fabulous 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Downing! Now off to 2nd grade!

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