Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween 2014: Monarch butterfly, vampire, and Kobe with his adorable basketball!
And always a treat to have Grandpa and Grandma join us!

Last night was literally one of the best Halloween nights ever.
With trunk-or-treat under Darren's belt I was excited to see how Darren was going to take to his first trick-or-treating on Halloween. He was hilarious and so dang cute. He held on to Grandpa's finger in between houses and carried his bag the entire time! Impressive for a one year old!

Darren did manage to say, "Trick-or-treat," once. But all the other times he approached a door it was a gibberish sentence, which meant trick-or-treat, and always followed by a clear and deep, "Thank UUUUU!"
A few other times he would even walk up, say thank you, and walk away without getting candy put in his bag! haha
People throughout the night would randomly shout out "KOBE!" as he walked by and many gave him extra candy just because he was so incredibly cute.

^^His bag got so heavy that he would throw it over his shoulders to be able to carry it better.^^

Darren shockingly walked the entire time and had no fear walking up by himself to a house. If a basket was left on the porch or if people would let him chose candy from a basket he would grab some, take a couple of steps to walk away, and then come back for more. Except for this time. He wasn't quite sure what to do.

This year has confirmed that taking a first timer trick-or-treating has got to be high on the list of one of my favorite things to do! Oh, and coming home and letting the kids eat as much candy as they want. ;)

Happy Halloween!

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