Monday, October 20, 2008

First Day of Nursery!

YAY! Marisa had her first day of nursery today! We have been looking forward to this day since she was probably a year old. haha She is so ready and so are we! We can now pay attention in class and actually get something out of the lessons. =o)
And I know I am a total dork for doing this, but I bought her a new dress and a new pair of shoes just for the occasion! (A few of you were wondering what was in the Nordstrom bag and these are the shoes that I bought from there.)

And just as we predicted, it was so easy to leave her. She walked in, saw toys and her best friend, Cruz, and started playing. We immediately left and never heard from her again. Tim told me that the nursery leader said that she never cried and just chilled the whole time. haha Also, when I saw Marisa after church and asked her how nursery went she just kept repeating, "Nursery! Nursery!" while waving her arm up in a circle.
We do have to admit that we thought of her often in our classes and we were a little sad to see her go, but only because it meant that she was growing up so fast and not our little baby anymore. But we are very excited for her and us and it was a great Sunday!


Tara and Bob said...

I love the dress and shoes! They are way to cute, glad she had a wonderful time in the nursery!


Clint and Mari Cluff said...

She looks totaly cute! She is starting to look more grown up. That's great that she went to nursery without any problems. Taylor was my only child that went to nursery from the begining happily with no problems.

Lauren Parks said...

Sooo cute! Love that little nugget! I'm so glad she was chill and didnt cry. She looks adorable in that dress. She is getting so big! I miss you guys :)


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