Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mini Michaelango

If 18 months old is a foreshadowing of the terrible twos, we're in for it. Lately, Marisa has been going through a "testing" stage with us. In other words, she is testing our limits in every way and we have even contemplated on starting time-outs with her. (She hasn't been in time-out yet.) Here is a picture of Marisa explaining to me what she did. She kept saying, "Color! Wall!" over and over again to me after I caught her in the process of her mini Michaelango piece of work on our cabinet door.

And it doesn't stop here.

While I was trying to figure out how to scrub her damage off, I hear splashing in our bathroom. Not even two seconds after reprimanding her about coloring on walls, I then find Marisa in our bathroom playing in the toilet water. (And I have had a talk with her about playing in the toilet water before because she has tried a couple of times.) BUT, the gross part is that there was still pee in the toilet water from when I went in the middle of night. I don't flush at night because I don't want to wake up the other two light sleepers in our little apartment. Gross, I know, sorry.


Kristen said...

AHHH!!! That is awesome! Man, our kids are busy busy!!! And.. the Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean will get that crayon right off, LOVE those things!! cant have kids without them =)

Lauren Parks said...

So awesome! I was going to say the same thing about the Magic Eraser, those things are amazing!

Stephanie said...

Funny, Tanya, I could have written this post. In the past 12 hours, Emily has colored on our walls, my car seats, and swished around my hairbrush in the toilet. This is all out of the blue too. Yes, the magic eraser is wonderful, but now I need to go google, "how to get crayon off leather."

Oh, one more thing, I was looking at my sister's facebook and saw someone writing on her wall named Fernando Lobo. I called her and we decided it has to be your brother. I guess they are on the same intramural bball team. Funny!

Janna said...

Van has started coloring on walls and furniture too. He also draws on himself. We always keep the bathroom doors shut because Van would play in the toilet too.


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