Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back-up Plan, C?

"Georgie" arrived earlier than expected. I was super anxious.

To my surprise, Marisa took one long look at him, as if to see if it was really him, and with excitement shouted, "Georgie, you're back! Now I can sleep at night!"

Look at her face. Complete adoration.

This made me happy. Well, not completely happy. I'm not happy that it isn't the genuine Georgie that has been a part of our lives for what seems like forever, but I'm really happy that Marisa is happy.

That happiness was only temporary though. Tonight as Tim and I were getting Marisa ready for bed, she stood in the hallway and with the saddest voice you have ever heard, close to tears, she wimpers "I want my other Georgie."

Oh stab. Again.


Henderson Family said...

That is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. Poor Marisa!!

Tamara & Reed Barnes said...

Parents... we try so hard and you and Tim are fabulous parents. Way to do your absolute best. Sorry nothing can replace her "other Georgie!"


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