Friday, June 4, 2010

N at 10 months

Little Natalie has a BIG personality and it is coming out more than ever.

She has been a hard baby, but now at 10 months and finally sleeping through the night, she is just so... great! Dont' get me wrong, she still hates formula/bottle and refuses to take it, and she wakes up at 6 am every morning no matter how hard I tried to change that, and she is a very light sleeper who needs absolute darkness and silence, and extremely picky in just about everything, but she is still great. =o)

Natalie... a happy baby. Everyone comments how pleasant and smiley she is. She will smile at anybody and is content to just be (when all the stars are aligned just right). ;) strongwilled. Although she is a happy baby she knows what she wants and there is NO WAY around it. Period. End of story. Finito. Final answer. everywhere. She loves her new found freedom and likes to explore everything around the house. And has taste-testing to a T.

....says uh-oh. Which is the cutest thing ever. It sounds more like ooh-ooh and her little lips form this perfect shaped-O. She loves to play the "drop my sippy cup over and over so I can say uh-oh and watch you pick it up everytime" game with us. the biggest and best cuddle bunny ever. One time she cuddled with me in bed for 45 minutes after one of her naps. And every morning after I nurse her we cuddle for awhile.

...loves food. Real tangible food she can put in her mouth herself. Her absolute favorite- strawberries.

...loves Marisa. Those girls get into screaming matches (who can scream the loudest and longest) and laughing fests all of the time. They can crack each other up by doing the silliest things.

...has no teeth. But she is a biter. Trust me, I know. The sad/funny part is that she thinks it is funny to bite me. Also, when I tell her to give kisses to her "lamby" she bites him instead. =o)

...has the best cheesiest smile I have ever seen. When she is being silly and in a really good mood she will crunch her nose and whole face and flash the cheesiest smile you have ever Especially right after she is done nursing in the morning, she will do the cheesy smile. Grins from ear to ear. That is how I start my day.

...likes to play peek-a-boo and loves to read books. She gets the biggest kick when reading about animals and the sounds they make. a total momma's girl.

...laughs when I tell her "no", claps when we say, "Yay!", raises the cellphone to her ear when I say ,"Hello?", and loves to copy whatever she sees.

...loves to walk/push things.

This is the newest thing about her. She wants to walk by pushing anything that will help her do so. For example, at the store it was just me and her (Marisa was at playgroup) and she wanted to get down from the cart. (I know, at 10 months??) She pushed the shopping cart up and down the aisle and was giggling and had such a blast doing it. The funny thing is she is soooooo tiny so it looks odd when people are walking by and I am letting my seemingly 6 month old push the cart for me.

Here is a picture of her pushing an empty diaper box around the house. She cannot get enough of it.

One of my best friends said, "I can see her bossing you guys around when she is older." That pretty much sums up our little Natalie. Heaven knows we love her, but heaven help us.

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Henderson Family said...

I love the picture of N pushing the diaper box. She is so cute!!


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