Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giveaway winner??

I never win anything. Never. Yet, I am still determined to win something in my life. And I recently did!
My cute little friend is expecting her first baby and she has a pretty successful blog where she writes about her journey to motherhood. I entered myself into one of her virtual baby shower giveaways and I think I won one of the best giveaways she had!

Meet Modern Bird Studios. They take a photograph of your choice and turn it into a very orginal, creative, meaningful piece of art for your house. The art is on Oak and ready to hang in your house. I won a 12x12 worth $215! Sweet huh?

I sent them this photo:

And they transformed it to this!

Isn't that so cool?
I wanted something for a future boy's room because the decor of my house and the girls' room is not exactly modern. And I wanted something with a little meaning too. Tim has a ton of license plates from all over the world and we have talked about having them hung up in our "boys" room someday. So thinking along the lines of trucks, cars, and travel, I took a picture of Marisa playing on this tractor that is on our local farm where I get my baskets full of yummy veggies and fruits every week.

What's cooler is that the painting is done by hand and a true original so Gregg signs the back. Fancy. haha
Now I would like to be greedy and win something bigger. Like a free house, lots of money, a car...you know. The usual things. haha


Chrissy said...

love that!

Jenny Turk said...

That is pretty cool! What a fun way to display art and have it still be sentimental!

Henderson Family said...

I know I never win anything either! It would so awesome to win something like a car or a house!! I'm so happy you won. Super cool!!


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