Tuesday, August 10, 2010

forever friends

There are a few people you will ever meet that will always be your forever friends. You know, the kind of friends that you'll keep in touch no matter what. That is how I feel about my friend Lindsie. I love her, her family, her kids, everything. :) She is one of those people that I want in my life always.
Linds and her kiddos came back to visit us in California and it was so fun. Marisa and I loved having our bffs back again.

Ok, so I have to explain the pictures above. Marisa and Cruz would play for hours with each other without hardly any disputes. It was so pleasant. One of the games they would play is they would take their "testers" they called them, these remote controls that Marisa has for some cars of hers, and use them to get real life cars as they came driving by. haha Yes. This entertained them for a long time. They would sit side by side on the edge of the sidewalk, and Cruz would call, "Marisa, here comes a car!" and then they both would proceed to take their "testers" and move them back and forth as fast as they could until the car was gone. Hilarious.

Come back again Linds! I can use late night talks and laughter with you anytime!

1 comment:

Lindsie said...

Loved it. Too fun. Bring back the testers.


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