Thursday, August 19, 2010

pitter patter

Marisa was 12 1/2 months exactly when she started walking. I thought for sure Natalie would walk sooner because she has always been SO active and has physically shown even at a few weeks old that she wants to do more than she can age appropriately do. But I have to say that it is sweet that Natalie started walking at exactly 12 1/2 months too. Today!

Tim has been traveling and working a lot lately so it was perfect that he was home when Natalie started walking for the first time. He was so happy that he got to witness it.
I love the awkward movements of first time walking. I love the unsteadyness, I love the intense concentration on their faces, I love the sweet look of satisfaction on their faces when they successfully walk to their chosen destination, I love the curiousity, and I especially love the sounds of little bare feet on my floor. :)

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