Monday, August 2, 2010

a white affair

We celebrated Natalie's 1st birthday a few days early because of family being in town. I had "a white affair" themed birthday party.
Natalie had fun opening her present. Grandpa and Grandma got Natalie her very own pink car! Now Marisa can ride her pink bike along side with Natalie and her pink car.

After Natalie opened her gift we sang "Happy Birthday" and had cupcakes and homemade peach icecream. Tim's favorite. I made Natalie's individual birthday cake and the cupcakes with a little help from big sister Marisa.
Like Marisa, Natalie didn't really know what to do with her cake at first. But with a little encouragement from her cousins it didn't take long to make a huge mess. She managed to splatter chocolate frosting all over my walls and floor. I don't think she even ate anything. Just a few licks.

Natalie you love...
to dance. The second you hear music or any kind of beat you immediately start dancing. I can tell you already know rhythm.
to climb everything.
to eat strawberries.
to cuddle.
to tease and make us laugh on purpose.
to play in the water.

You don't like...
getting your diaper changed.
sharing toys with Marisa.
meat, except for BBQ pulled pork.

You can say...
mama, mom

Natalie you are so pleasant, super friendly, and outgoing. You are a very expressive little girl. You have a million different facial expressions and they are each hilarious and so adorable. You definetly let it known what you are feeling.
You finally have a tooth coming in! You love to flash that gummy smile of yours to everyone and I am sad to see it go.
You like to do everything by yourself.
Marisa loves having a little sister and friend to play with. Marisa calls you "little one" and "baby".
You are a very active little one. Many times mothers I know and don't know have told me, "You have your hands full with her!" ;) I'm in for it aren't I?
You definetly are a momma's girl, but I don't mind at all.

Our lives have been enrichly blessed since you arrived. We are so glad you are ours and that our Heavenly Father has entrusted us with you. You have such a sweet spirit and we love you, Natalie. Happy Birthday, little girl!

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Fisher Family said...

I can't believe she is already 1! Where has the time gone?


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