Monday, August 30, 2010

vegas baby!

Tim and I took a quick getaway this past weekend without the kiddos. (Thanks to my amazing sis-in-law.) We kept it local and low key. We usually take a trip around our wedding anniversary and this was the belated one for this year.
One of my best friends who I have known since middle school lives in Las Vegas so we figured this would be a great way to see her and her cute family also and see the city that we usually drive through but never really stop to experience.
We left Thursday morning, and half way there I realized I forgot my camera. I was livid! All those photo opps! Grr..
Anyways, that day we just chatted it up with my bestie and went out to dinner at this local cafe called DW Bistro. It had great Jamaican type cuisine. My burger and sweet potato fries had a little spicy party in my mouth. It was way good.
Friday was our eventful day. We went to see the Las Vegas temple, did the Fremont Experience, hit the outlets, ate at a Spanish tapas restaurant called Firefly, saw the Cirque du Soleil show Le Reve, and then finished the day off by eating the famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity at Ceasar's Palace.
Le Reve was fascinating. That was the main reason why we wanted to go to Vegas for this trip. Tim and I have never seen a show in Vegas before! I wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show and we were recommended to see this show because of the ballroom dancing on water which I of course loved. I imagine a lot of shows in Vegas are like this one. It was flashy, so much to see at once, amazing crazy stunts and choreography. It was so fun to sit back and just enjoy being entertained.

Saturday we went to visit Hoover Dam. It was freaky scary! Plus, it doesn't help that I literally thought I was going to be blown over board by the strong winds. Warning: Do not bring young kids to this!! I kept thinking about my girls and my fears kept getting worse. I looked only once over the dam and then I was done.
Also, kinda funny to be literally in the middle of two time zones. Nevada in one minute, walk across the dam, which takes like 2 minutes, and then you are an hour ahead in Arizona!

Even though the weekend went by fast I can't say enough how important and awesome it is to get away as a couple from time to time. It works wonders on our relationship where we can just focus all our attention and efforts on each other. No kids pulling at us, no where we had to be, just us with no real schedule! I look forward to being able to do it more often now that the girls are older and way easier. Gotta fit it all in before baby #3, yikes! (Not an announcement, by the way.) haha

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chelseyandmatt said...

That sounds like SO much fun, I agree, it's so important to do something on your own. I feel like I always want Colton there, but when he is not, it is So nice too!! P.S. your daughters are adorable! And is #3 coming soon...maybe?


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