Wednesday, June 8, 2011

back home

I must be wearing an invisible sign on my back that says,

"Dear Life,
Kick me."

Why else am I having so much bad luck here abroad??

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am or so from a "nightmare" about my incident in Barcelona and couldn't fall back asleep.

We were robbed.

Yup, robbed just hours before our flight back to London. iphones - gone. all 4 passports - gone. Tim's work computer - gone. Several other items all. gone.

We've had a crazy week and a half and I have so much to share. For now, we are all safe, unharmed, and home. That is all that really matters.
Throughout the next few days I'll write about our first European adventure one day at a time as "Flashbacks". Our robbery happened on the last day, obviously. How is that for a teaser to stay tuned? haha
Anyways, it feels really great to be home.


becca b said...

That's horrible! Anxiously awaiting the details and hope you recover from that quickly! So scary!

Kathy said...

Tanya, I am SO sorry! That really sucks and must have been so scary!! I'm so glad you all are safe and no one was harmed. I'll be keeping you in my prayers! I know its overwhelming living overseas, quite the adjustment! Hope it starts to go better. Love, Kath

Stephanie said...

So scary! Yeah, when things like that happen you just have to realize that all that matters is that you're all safe.

chelseyandmatt said...

I'm so sorry!! I can't wait to hear all the fun stuff :) I know how frustrating it was living overseas, and now I can laugh about it, but seriously there are SO many things that are unbelievably different over there--but you will get the hang of it while you get the experience of a lifetime!! You will miss it someday :)


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