Monday, June 27, 2011

Botany Bay

Yesterday our good Russian friends invited us for a picnic at the beach at Botany Bay, Broadstairs. So nice to have friends with a van. ;) London experienced a "heat wave" this weekend, (like 85-90 farenheit, I know funny), so we all wanted to take advantage of it before it is literally gone tomorrow! Yes, weather changes that drastically here.

Marisa was in beach heaven. That girl could not contain herself in the car.
And it was nice for all of us to be in our element again.

It was a really low tide that day so we got to swamp around and climb rocks when we normally wouldn't have been able to.

Tim really loves the natural beauty of our earth. He was fascinated by the unusually bright white rocks everywhere. It was actually really pretty. Tim also loved the formation of the cliffs and the natural caves him and the girls got to explore.

One entrance led them to the top of this cliff. Yes, that is Vitali and Tim with our oldest daughters at the edge. Heartattack for mommy!

We are so glad to have met the Schmakov's. They have two daughters the exact same age as ours and we get along with them so well. Such a blessing to have such wonderful friends.
Plus, they have some crazy, yet funny, Russian stories. It is no joke, Russians really are the things you hear...haha. In fact, besides Vitali suggesting we take guns to Spain next time to shoot people who steal from us, he said we should just put a sticker on our bags that say, "I have Russian friends." And no one will want to mess with us then. haha Gotta love them.

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