Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my kitchen buddy

Ever since Marisa was really little, (like 4 months in the bumbo little ), I have always had her in the kitchen with me. And to this day her favourite thing to do with me is to cook.
Today she got to use a real knife for the first time to dice up a green pepper. She was so elated. And she did an amazing job actually. She's a natural.

She also made two pizza pies all by herself! (She had help making the dough, of course.)

We decided to get a little creative in the kitchen today. Dinner was yummy, Marisa!


tracie said...

I finally added your blog to my list! ANd I wanted to tell you that I figured out how to get rid of the "left-click" on the pictures. Google automatically assigns every picture its own URL and all you have to do is go into the HTML code for each blog post and delete the URL code in between the parenthesis, without deleting the parenthesis, if that makes sense. Example: Link text Delte: url
And then when someone clicks on your picture it takes you to a page that says the picture is no longer found. If that makes sense at all!

tracie said...

PS: Oops, I forgot comments recognize HTML codes, so you can't see the HTML code for my last comment... so delete the URL from the <a href = "url" part for each picture.


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