Sunday, June 12, 2011

new perspective

This past weekend was a perfect weekend. Why? I finally feel like this is home.
London is my home.
I don't know why or what it is about Spain that has caused this sudden huge step in the right direction for me, or if even Spain had anything to do with it at all, but I'm sure glad I can finally see the light that those who have gone before me have talked about.

Saturday morning we needed to do a lot of housekeeping items on the list that never ends and we also needed a break from all the traveling and sightseeing we have been doing since we moved here.
With that, we got to enjoy a nearby town, where our church building is located, where we have always wanted to scope out and enjoy.
This is why it was such a good start to my wonderful weekend...

- I found Tim's father's day gift from this small local shop which I am SO excited about.
- We had a parcel delivered to us while we were gone so we went to the post office to pick it up and it was our modem. Which means, yes, drum-roll please, we FINALLY have permanent internet in our house!!
- We ate pastries outside of a local french cafe. Darling setting and I so wished I had my camera then to capture the moment.
- We found a cute, local small three-story toy store and the people there was SO friendly and nice.
- We took a nice stroll back home as a family.

It was just perfect.

In addition to all the greatness, today Tim and I were discussing how we suddenly don't feel self-conscious about speaking here with our American accent. We are totally comfortable with saying whatever and to whoever without the fear of sounding stupid. I know that seems silly to you that that even has crossed our minds, but I think only those who have lived here before can relate to us.

For me also, this weekend I finally felt super comfortable.
-I know my way around.
-I know my area and nearby towns.
-I know which bus routes go to where and how to get on and off.
-I've met two more British women and their children at the park Friday afternoon and we will be getting together again.
- I met another woman and her three kids on the bus who are American and live across the street!

This whole weekend I just kept saying. "What a great weekend!" I can actually look outside and say with real excitement, "Wow. I live in London."
After two months am I finally getting over the "initial shock" and into the stage where I am going to love it here and not want to leave after the two years are up? Eek! I hope so!


L said...

This post could not have made me more happy... what we've been praying for for you and your family since you left! I love and miss you Tan. So happy that you feel like you have a home! This SO made my day!


shannon said...

My favourite post of all! So many emotions reading this, remembering London becoming home for me too and so happy it's become home for you now too (and so soon after you arrived I might addd--well done!) You are well on your way to not wanting to leave once your time is up :) The best part of living in London is living in London!


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