Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 1 & 2

We all have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Grandpa and Grandma from California for awhile now. We were so excited when they arrived. Aside from Steve and Cookie who happened to be in London the first week we moved here, Grandpa and Grandma are our first visitors. I can't stress enough how great it is to have familiar faces in this big city. And have I mentioned yet that we will very happily take visitors any time of the year??? Come on over!

In true Hart style Grandpa and Grandma immediately wanted to go out and about. We took it easy they first day they arrived and showed them Canary Wharf while we waited for Tim to get off of work.

But the following day was quite an eventful one as it was Natalie's 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday my sweet little miss! We had a simple tea-time breakfast with all sorts of pastries and Natalie's absolute favourite fruit, strawberries. We musn't forget the juicy red strawberries.

There is something about danty tea cups and danty pastries which makes the world alright for little girls.
Natalie got shy when we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her which is not her personality so that was pretty funny. She tried blowing the candles out herself but got even more shy and she asked her big sister to help her.

After opening up presents, we wasted no time like I said and headed out for a full day of fun. We stayed really local and saw the National Maritime Museum first. Even though this is our backyard we saved seeing all this for when visitors come.

I'm always amazed how child-friendly the museums in London are.  Not only fun, but also educational. And all free too. The girls, and me, learned all about sailing, ships, cargo, etc. Everything nautical. Cutty Sark in Greenwich is an active port today.

For lunch, I took my in-laws to the Greenwich Market. Markets never get old in my opinion. I already know that is the number #1 thing I am going to miss when I move back to the states. It is of course nothing like the Borough Market when it comes to food, but it is such a fun place to be nevertheless. One guy had an American Pancake stand and I said, "American, huh?" and he just smiled shyly, after hearing my American accent, and said, "Don't judge." haha It actually did taste like American pancakes. It happened to be Thursday which is Antique day every week at the Greenwich Market. I love junk too.

Next, we headed to the Royal Observatory. Tim always likes to mention that we technically live in the eastern hemisphere. The Prime Meridan goes right through Greenwich. In that case, we cross the line daily just playing at the park!

Here we are straddling the line!

We then meet up Tim after work on the DLR and headed for the Ye Olde Chesire Cheese pub for a birthday meal.

This pub was recommended by Grandma's brother who served his mission and later lived in London. It is also quite a famous pub and one of the few child-friendly pubs with typical British food.

This was my first time having traditional British food. I know, what took me so long?? I don't know, but it was SO. GOOD. I mean, I'm addicted and bringing all my American compadres who visit, (*AHEM*), here to eat.
I must admit after first moving here and hearing about British food I was not keen at all. It sounded gross. Bangers and Mash?? Huh? Meat Pie?? Huh? But this pub was simply amazing.

(Via iphone)

After a delicious birthday dinner, we walked and sat around St. Paul's to enjoy the London ambiance...that never gets old either...

then to Trafalgar Square for more London ambiance.

So Natalie likes to give kisses when she knows her mouth is completely messy with food. Here she is trying to lure Grandpa in for a tea cake-marshmellow kiss....haha.

And she got him! Grandpa's hesitant faces are hilarious.

I think Natalie had a fantastic 2nd birthday. Grandpa and Grandma sure spoiled her with presents and such. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma! Happy Birthday Natalie! We all love you so very much!


Stacy Christian said...

I totally get what it's like to want to see familiar faces in a place so far from home!! I literally get offended if I find out that someone I know has come to Hawaii for vacation and didn't tell us. Sad, but true.

Looks like you guys are having a great time out there. Your girls could not be ANY cuter!

shannon said...

No matter how much you love London, seeing familiar faces from home is like balm for the soul! So funny, but we took my folks to the exact same pub when they were out a couple years ago ( Love the wellies, too :)


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