Tuesday, August 23, 2011

table talk from a 2 year old

This happened a couple days ago but I don't want to forget it...

It is dinner time. We are all gathered around the table. We just finished saying a prayer and we are all about to dive into our meals when Natalie perks up in her chair, sticks her hand out to the side, and suddenly asks, "So....(pause)...what do you think?"

haha No, she wasn't asking what we thought of dinner, she genuinely and quite seriously wanted to start an adult conversation at the dinner table!

And a few mornings ago it was just Tim and Natalie eating breakfast silently at the table when Natalie pauses between bites and asks Tim, "How was your day?"

haha I love that girl.

And because posts are not as fun without pictures, here is Natalie eating some sweets Daddy brought home after work. The funny part, Natalie showed up in the kitchen after dressing herself with only a shirt on, a nappy on, and wellies. No pants required in this house.


Elaine said...

Cute girl. Just got to love her.

Kari said...

She is getting too big. I miss her tons.


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