Sunday, August 28, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 11

Ok, the luxuries I was talking about is none other than French baguettes and French pasterries. Imagine, getting fresh warm bread at the local bakery everyday and fresh pasterries for breakfast in the morning?? Sign me up.

So the two short days we were here, that is what we did. 3 different occasions to be exact.

You know the scene in the Disney movie Ratatouille where the girl chef tells Linguine, (please read with French accent), "How do you tell a good bread without tasting it? Not the smell, not the look, but the sound...the crust...listen. (*Crackle*) Oh, symphony of crackle! Only great bread sound this way."

Yes, yes, YES!
The sound of the crackle, the crisp yet soft sound, as she squeezes the bread. THAT my friends is the sound the baguettes make here.

We were in the car when I went to break a piece of the baguette for one of the girls and I had to literally freeze in place, close my eyes, and take in the sound of the baguette. No joke, I did that. We bought a baguette in London the other day to take to the park and Tim said, "The ones in France are way better." Agreed.

We found this little boulganerie right around the corner from our hotel where we went for breakfast this morning and 2 other times yesterday to eat their yummy pasterries. The best e'claire I have ever eaten I had here.

Since it was Saturday morning the street market was now going on, and you know I love me a market! We bought strawberries, Tim bought a sausage dog for him, and I freaked out Marisa by squealing from seeing lobsters still moving ever so slightly on the seafood tables and small really wriggling bug-like sea creature thingys moving too. EEEek!

We left Bayeux and headed to one final stop before we headed back to Paris. Tim wanted to see another World Heritage Site which is Mont Saint-Michel.

It is pretty cool to see from afar. As for the inside, it reminds me a lot of Carcasonne. Once we were inside, everyone went up some more to go exploring in the Monestary, but I just stayed by the steps and sat and waited again until everyone was done. Before you think I was grumpy and that is why I didn't want to go explore, I wasn't. Like I said, I was over seeing things like that and was perfectly content sitting and chilling. Plus, Natalie was sleeping in her buggy at the time and we couldn't bring the buggy inside it.

The drive home to Paris took us 5 hours. It wasn't bad at all other than the fact that the GPS Grandpa and Grandma got didn't work in the city so we had to use Tim as our guide. He really likes maps, (like, he reads maps for fun) and he actually brought his own map of France to Paris, so it was actually a good thing he did because we used him as our GPS.

Funny side note: While we were driving away from Paris Grandpa said it was his goal to not get honked at. Despite that we were in the bus lane for a little bit and got lost many times in the city, but not too bad, we only got honked at 2 times during our total driving time. But we were able to honk at other bad drivers 2 different times and each time we did honk Grandpa and Tim would yell in the car, "Yeah! 1 for 1!" and then "Yeah! 2 for 2! We are even!" hahaha

In London, the day before we left for our trip to Paris we just needed to book a hotel for our last night there. We had previously booked all other hotels way beforehand.  We just needed something close to the train station because we were literally only going to sleep the night in Paris and leave early in the morning the next day. Tim and Grandpa booked the hotel and we didn't think much of it. Well...

FYI: The area around the train station is not a good area. And the hotel we stayed at, well....check for yourself. This is all of us right before bed.

The room was so small and so ghetto. Plus, there was no breeze since it was hot that day in Paris so we were all sticky and warm. There were only two queen sized beds so each girl had to sleep in between the adults. Notice that Marisa is the only one her underwear. Natalie had completely zonked out and her shirt is wide open because she was practicaly sweating. And when I flipped over to my side to sleep my face was literally 6 inches from Grandma's. haha I'm surprised I even fell asleep with all that was wrong.

Since we had an hour or so to kill before bed we decided to go for one last crepe run. We figured we would go right where we were last time we were here. On our way out of this hotel Elaine said, "I have been to many amazing hotels like, (I can't remember the name), but this is the worst place you have taken me, Wayne." haha

The Metro by the train station was so sketchy too. It reeked of urine so strongly that even Marisa asked, "What's that smell?" Also, everyone was black except for us. Can we say, target? And there was a homeless drunk guy completely passed out in the middle of the hallway inside the Metro with his pants kinda low. What the freak?? I was really missing the London tube.

We made it safely to our destination, successfully got our Nutella and banana crepes, and were even able to see the Eiffel Tower "bedazzled" one last time. I was really happy the girls got to see it. They were mesmerized and to this day remember the tower so beautifully lit.

It was a wonderful way to end our fun Paris trip. We all just couldn't wait for morning to get out of the hotel and back home. Although, Tim and I were unsure if we were going to be able to get home.
We were able to get our permanent passports back in time for this trip but we didn't have time to have our visas transferred to our new passports. (Remember all of our originals were stolen in Barcelona...grrr.) People at Tim's work said to bring copies of everything; copies of old original passports and visas, plus the temporary passports, and our new permanent passports, which thankfully we had even before our property was stolen. It was extremely easy getting out of GB but to go back to GB, well, that could be a different story. We juggled with the thought of risking it and obviously risked it, but this was Tim and I's conversation...

Tim: "Well, let's see if they deport us!" (Totally convinced we should go no matter what the outcome may be.)
Me: "Great..." (Sarcastically)
Me: (Thinking again) "As if sending me back to LA and to AMERICA, the best country in the world, would be punishment anyway."
Tim: "Just think of the blog material you would have!"
Me: Evil eye.
Me: "I don't care about blog material I want my life back!"
Me: "Stupid thief."

haha I'm happy to announce. There was no problem.


Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

That delete was me. I thought you loved our last hotel. (Really, doesn't this show that Tim is the favorite?) I hope it wasn't that scary with your face that close to my face. I'd do it again if it meant that I could go back to Paris.

Kari said...

That is a classic Elaine comment about the hotel. And what does mom mean that this shows Tim is the favorite? I don't understand?


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