Friday, August 26, 2011

{Flashback}: Day 8

I feel like we packed all the major things to see in Paris in our first few days of getting here. We really didn't waste anytime! Today we took a little day trip to Versailles.
Like I said, I feel like I have seen a lot of cathedrals, museums, palaces, etc. to the point where they all seem the same to me now. But the Palace of Versailles takes the cake.  You have to see it to believe it. So grand.
It is so stunning and unbelievable by today's standards that I can't help but think what this must have looked like back in its time.  I mean really?

They had a free audio tour at the palace which Marisa loved. I'm glad because it kept her busy and semi-interested in what she was seeing when she could walk in a room, look for the corresponding number to put into the phone, and then listen to the audio tour.
Again, my pictures do it zero justice on the inside. Just imagine, GRAND! Very GRANDIOSE!

Once you think this palace can't get any more grand you step outside on the palace gardens and it is no less than magnificent.

It was such a beautiful day outside. It was warm and sunny yet completely comfortable and relaxing. And what is ambiance without gelato? I swear we have icecream at least once a week in Europe.

While Grandpa and Grandma did more sightseeing on these massive grounds, we decided to take a time-out by the huge pond and enjoy the great weather. Marisa feed ducks and swans with our left over lunch while Natalie took a nap in her stroller and Tim and I took turns taking a nap on the grass in the sun and in the shade. Ahhhh.....
The sound of water and people paddling on boats in front of us and this as our view...

who can complain? Tim and I kept having to pinch ourselves. Are we really doing this, in France? Marisa wanted to use my camera and so we let her take a picture of us. Not the best picture of us at all but it reminds me that she really wants to be a photographer like her mommy is pretending to be.

After a great day trip we returned to Paris very thirsty and very hungry. Grandpa has been wanting to eat outside a cafe during our whole trip and we finally were able to at a restaurant right in front of Saint Chapelle!

As if we couldn't get enough food nor gelato for the day, we headed out to get dessert after dinner! More gelato! But on the way, I loved seeing this "beach" along the river. I sure miss the beach...

Grandma's brother and my friend both recommended a gelato place called Amorino at the L'Ile of Saint Louis.  Best gelato I have had yet.  It is huge, and tasty, and so good looking you almost, almost, don't want to eat it. Look! They shape it into a flower for you!

And who is this homeless child? Spaghetti stains and gelato stains everywhere. A sign of a good day!

We were able to leave at night again to see more of the night life in Paris. This time I wanted to go to one of the bridges where people attach locks all along the fence across the whole bridge. If you look at the locks closely they each have lovers names on it, significant dates, etc. It is mainly a thing where you and your significant other can state your love, lock it, and keep the key so you can forever have your lock on that bridge in Paris. You can actually buy a lock and key from street vendors. Next time I want to bring my own so Tim and I can forever be a part of Paris too.
On this bridge at night people come with picnics and wine and sit and chat, sing, make-out. It was perfect for us to just blend in, sit, enjoy the cool night air, and do some of our own PDA as well. ;)
The last thing I wanted to see at night was the Louvre. There were lots of people there too. We layed up against the glass pyramid and stared up at the night sky. And ok, more PDA. It was such a nice evening!


Kari said...

With all of the PDA it sounds like baby #3 will be one the way soon. I say you name her Paris or London!

Tim said...

Nope. It's down to either Germany or Gypsy. Boy/Girl. It don't matter.

Janna said...

Did you pinch each others nipples?

Tim said...

Well, else would you show PDA?

tothe4thfloor said...

You guys are so inappropriate.

Sara said...

Bunch of sickos...mike would never show PDA, not even in Paris.


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