Saturday, October 15, 2011

The British Museum

Did you know The British Museum is the 2nd most visited museum in the world next to the Louvre? Neither did I!

We leisurely took the 188 all the way. We love sitting front row on the double decker bus!

The famous Rosetta Stone. Just like at the Louvre, I was able to weave my small body right to the front of the crowd within seconds to take a picture.

I wanted to see the mummies. When I explained to the girls beforehand about mummies and mummification to the best of my knowledge Natalie replied, "Ok, see mummies. That's you!" Not that kind of mum, Natalie! haha

The horse head that Marisa was adamant about seeing.

We planned a small fun outing to the museum and then did some shopping in the city for some shoes for Tim and Marisa. Christmas is in the air already here. Stores have been filling quickly since beginning of October with Christmas sweets. The streets of central London already have lights and huge stars beginning to be hung across the streets and covering the departments stores. I'm so excited for Christmas in London...

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