Monday, October 10, 2011

chore chart miracle worker

I've been meaning to get this done forever ago and I have finally come around to doing it. All I have to say is, chore-charting is fabulous. Miraculous really.

The girls have really stepped up to the plate willingly and have loved taking on big responsibilities. They genuinely find so much pride in contributing to the family and look forward to their weekly reward. Reward: £1/week if their charts are completely filled with sparkly stickers! And with that £1, at the end of every week we go to either the many local charity shops or sweet shops in town for treasures.

Natalie got a great, practically brand new, children's book for under a £1 for the 1st week and a pink sprinkled donut for the 2nd week, which was today's reward. Marisa found a Jessie hat (you know, Jessie from Toy Story) just her size, which she decided to be for Halloween this year, at exactly a £1 for her 1st week reward and for the 2nd week reward today she was actually the master mind behind getting a pink sprinkled donut. Success all around!

P.S. Recently Marisa has taken the liberty to give her parents a chore chart as well. Tim only has two things on his chart: "1. Poop in the toilet. 2. Clean up your clotheses." And I had 4 things on mine. I can't remember all of them, but they were not as funny as Tim's. haha


Lindsie said...

That is hilarious. I hope Tim is able to complete all his chores.

Sara said...

I have a feeling that tim won't have a hard time with his first chore.


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