Monday, October 24, 2011

it's a date

We have a perfect set up with Shauna. We watch her kids while her and her hubby go on a date and then she watches our kids while Tim and I go on a date. Can it get better?

Shauna insisted that we go first and so for our date Saturday Tim and I hired bikes and rode around Hyde Park on an absolute gorgeous fall day here in London. The scenery was near breath-taking, the ride was relaxing, and the company was fabulous. ;)

We stopped once to eat some candy from our favourite sweet shoppe and after our ride we walked down to Piccadilly Circus since Tim has yet to see it. Central London scenery never gets old. Wandering around Fortnum & Mason, jewelry window shopping, local artist awing, old city bus sighting, all hand in hand with my love. It was a perfect date.

On a different note, Marisa's very first primary program was yesterday and she did an amazing job!
This was taken while waiting for our bus to church.

She had her part memorized for weeks now. "The scriptures teach us about prophets" and when it was her turn to say her part she confidently, and with a smile on her face, walked over to the pulpit said her part, and walked back with a smile still on her face.
There was no two step stool for her just a small single one so all we saw was the microphone go straight down and heard her cute voice from behind the pulpit. Love her.


Brett and Ashleigh Campbell said...

Tanya, your posts that talk about sweets and pastries just make my mouth water! :)

Kari said...

Super cute post! I love that picture of you!


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