Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Marisa!

I have contemplated a lot recently about my role as a mother and about motherhood. My writing highly lacks the ability to eloquently describe how I feel about this sacred calling, my little family, and my darling children. Nevertheless, oh, how I love being a mother to my eldest daughter, Marisa.

It was 5 years ago yesterday this little one entered my life and has forever changed me for the better. Looking back I can't help but think how incredibly young, naive, and crazy we were as mere BYU students bringing a child into our lives! I wouldn't change it for the world though.

Marisa is a very special little lady. She brings me joy. Joy that I never thought possible to feel. Marisa is happy all of the time and loves making friends. Friends and strangers constantly comment on her contagious giggles. They certainly are unique, lively, and cute little giggles.  She has become quite the nurturer to her little sister and sets the best example for her as well. Marisa always desires to do what is right and wants nothing more than to please her parents and be the best she can be at whatever she is doing.

Marisa also loves cats.
Loves the color pink.
Loves ballet.
Amazing imagination.
She can read!
Loves to play computer games.
Enjoys traveling and learning.

Something she said recently which I thought was pretty cute...
"Mom, I'm very clever. Because I can find things." - Marisa

Happy 5th Birthday Marisa! I love you with all my heart.

(Party pictures coming tomorrow!)


Sara said...

Her big, brown eyes are unbelievable. Such a beauty.

Elaine said...

Wow Marisa!! You look so grown up. Happy Birthday.

Kari said...

Marisa is Beast!

L said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't believe you are 5!! You are so grown up!! XO!!


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