Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our one year mark

We have been in London for exactly one year now! Time has flown by! And they say that the 2nd year is even faster. Whoa.

In honour of our one year mark I wanted to make a top 10 list. I saw this post several months back which inspired me to write my own post about London. I gave a loud "Amen" to several of the items she wrote down so I copied those and added them to my list. I have found that most of Europe functions pretty much the same way.

10 things I love about living in London
1. I live in London. I mean, come on.
2. I get to see Big Ben, Parliament, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Greenwich Park, Portobello Market, red double-decker buses, red Royal post boxes, red telephone boxes, black taxi cabs, whenever. I. feel. like. it. (And the list truly goes on...)
3. The tube. I quite fancy the tube!
4. The French may average 10 weeks of vacation a year, but Brits average about 5 weeks, whilst Americans average 3. (They got us on this one guys.)
5. Food and antique markets. Enough said.
6. I get my groceries delivered every week. Right to my kitchen counter to be exact.
7. Brits are right, American chocolate is rubbish.
8. I can travel anywhere in Western Europe in 2-3 hours by plane.
9. The seasons have been fun to experience. Autumn is by far the prettiest here.
10. I get to use words like fancy, proper, and lovely every day with no one giving me a second glance.

10 hard things about living in London
1.Washers and dryers take forever. Really, all day.
2. Dryers don't really dry, so you have to hang dry them or take one item and tumble dry that for almost 2 hours.
3.Customer Service involves power struggles and pouring out your heart about a personal drama.
4.Paper towels and sandwich bags. They suck.
5. Londoners are generally too reserved and too rude for my liking. Bah-hum-bug people!
6. Dog poop on sidewalks.
7. Everyone smokes, everyone reeks of smoke, and everyone has to inhale second-hand smoke at bus stops, playgrounds, and queues.
8. Bank holidays. Everything shuts down!
9. Two words. Bus drivers.
10. No, no, and no. That is not Mexican food.

Cheers to another year of fun, adventure, and good surprises!


maegantheasian said...

Tanya, you are SO cute! I love reading about your adorable family and your adventures in London! I have to admit, I'm so jealous.

Funny moment: the other day I was jammin' out to Waterfalls by TLC and I remembered a certain person rapping Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez's part--perfectly, if I remember right. haha!

tothe4thfloor said...

OMG! YES, I remember that! I was dang good at it too. hahaha A couple years back I remember the song came on the car radio and I tried to sing the rapping part but forgot a lot of it! I was so mad at myself.


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