Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pottery, Paint, Party!

"3 more days until my birthday and then 4 more days until my party!"

We heard the countdown from Marisa every morning for probably a week. She has been greatly looking forward to her party. And the day of her party was probably pure torture for her because she wouldn't play but just watch the clock instead.
Marisa invited a few friends over to have a pottery painting art party. A cute little cafe in our town centre allows you to rent out supplies to paint your own ceramics in the comfort of your own home and bring back your ceramic ready for the kiln at your convenience. It was a perfect party idea for this cute little girls!

Tongues were out and eyes focused hard on their mini masterpieces. Little girls are so cute like that.

I played off the art theme for the party and decided to go with rainbow colors for the decor and food. I love themed parties. It's all about the details!

Just like every party, after the activity, food, blowing out of candles, comes the best part for the birthday girl...presents!
One of Marisa's friends couldn't make it to the party last minute so it ended up being quite a small group but the girls still had fun! Happy Birthday, Marisa!


Sara said...

Tanya, what a cute party idea. And the girls all look adorable as they focus sooo hard on their pottery. Happy Birthday to Marisa! I'm glad she had a fun day.

Janna said...

Looks like a fun party. You have great ideas and I love all the little details in the food you served. Now she needs a countdown for the beach house.

Jenny Hart Turk said...

Happy Birthday Marisa! My boys have a birthday 3 days after her, April is a good time to have kids I think! You guys are staying pretty busy! So I've been wanting to email you, but my cousin is getting married in Feb. 2013 (way far away, but they just sent save the dates) but my mom and I are planning on going. Not a fun time to visit Scotland, but if you guys are up for an adventure north, we'd love to see you!

Kari said...

What a great party. Little girls are so cute and I love all of the details.

L said...

SOOO darling! Way to go mamma!!


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