Monday, July 9, 2012

18th Annual Hart Beach House

We hated that we missed out on the beach house last year. It is a definite highlight of every summer. We didn't want to repeat our disappointment this year so we headed back all the way to sunny California! (Although we did bring a little bit of London weather with us, boo.) The only difference was the rain.

The girls were fantastic the entire travel time. Such tiny troopers. They were pretty darn exhausted upon arrival but we couldn't go to bed until we ate dinner.  Our first American meal upon entering the beach house - Macaroni and Cheese. And it was good.

The girls adjusted a lot more quickly to the major time zone change this time around compared to us arriving to London from the states a little over a year ago. We did have a 3:30 am cereal eating party in our bedroom the first night though.
I was expecting to experience a little more reverse culture shock than I did but I guess the major shock comes upon actually moving back??

Here are a few things that "shocked" me:
-When I heard Spanish it was with a Mexican accent not a Spanish one.
-Every one is SO happy.
-Refills and large portions at restaurants.
-People in OC really are SO good looking.

It was fun to reintroduce and introduce the girls to American food. Most of the reintroducing was for Marisa and most of the introducing was for Natalie. I would always say to them, "Welcome to America" after every introduction.

(And I must add that it felt so great to be in the U.S. for the 4th of July. I couldn't be any more proud than I am at this moment to be an American.)

This was by far the easiest beach house year for us so far. Both our girls were old enough to need very little attention. They busily and happily played from the second they woke up to the second they zonked out at night. It was nice to be reunited with our natural environment again. Beach, sun, and sunscreen. (I love the smell of sunscreen.) Marisa stayed true to her water bug self and Natalie was my little sand crab most of the time.

Early morning breakfast at Seaside Donuts with Grandpa every single morning for a week is one of the many beach house traditions. My girls would rush out of bed, quickly put on sandals, and run out along with the other grandkids to find Grandpa and walk to the shop. What a fun childhood memory!
Oh yeah, and I mustn't forget the 2 pm snow cone run every afternoon with Grandpa too!

Natalie never falls asleep just anywhere, no matter how tired she is. Her personality just won't let her miss out on anything. Life is too exciting! Jet-lag is a different story...

One of the most popular games we play on the beach would be baseball. The whole family...

With this pregnancy I have had major American food cravings and Ruby's was one of them. Luckily, probably twice during beach house week we eat at Ruby's for breakfast. Dee-lish. Huevos Rancheros for me and silver dollar pancakes for the girls!  The mile walk along the beach to Balboa Pier is worth the end result.

Another major craving is the Crab Cooker. Need I say more? Salt water taffy for the hubs and girls while we wait!

Natalie instantly became a Cheetos addict on first taste. All she needed was her pink chair and a bag of cheetos in hand. I don't blame her. They are my fav too.

Tim could only stay in America for one week and off he left already back to London. We are here for a few more weeks of family fun time which is what I wanted for the girls. Lots of cousin time. Being away from family for so long sucks...

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