Thursday, November 8, 2012

feeling more like parents

Tim and I had our first parent-teacher conference last night. It was weird. We felt so old.

Marisa is doing really well in school especially with all things considered.
-She came into the school year 3 weeks later than everyone else.
-And Year 1, although equivalent in age to Kindergarten, is actually first grade American curriculum.

Thank goodness I taught her how to read because she was assessed and put into a reading level/group on her very first day.
But I failed miserably in the writing department because she she should have known how to write independently before school started too. They are hard core in this country!

Her teacher said that despite everything Marisa has completely jumped right in, adjusted with no hesitation, and is obviously confident and well grounded to be able to do so.

She also said that Marisa is a very popular girl in school. She gave us a few examples of times where she noticed just how popular she is among the students. I am so happy she is a social butterfly and well liked but happier that she is kind and courteous to everyone. I hope she always remains that way.

Marisa is really good in math and numeracy. (Obviously not from me. 100% Dad.)
As mentioned before, she is struggling in writing, but the teacher has full confidence that there is nothing to worry about and to give her until December to catch up.

We are very proud of our girl to dive right in and challenge herself. I'm so interested to see what her 1st grade teacher says about her when we move back to the states! She will be so ahead!

*Some funny bits about school:

Remember this line from Harry Potter?
"5 points for Gryffindor!"

Well, same thing happens in her class. Tim told me that at this school they have different houses as well. So I'm not sure just how common it is here in England to have schools divided into houses but I think this is rad. Every time Marisa or the members in her house do all their homework, have good behaviour, etc. their house is rewarded points! I find that hilarious and awesome! I still have to find out what the name of her house is.

Marisa had a Halloween disco at her school a few weeks back.
Disco = a dance/a party*

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shannon said...

Way to go Marisa! And we totally loved seeing how Harry Potter school is in real life here! Every school my kids have gone to have had house points and end of year house prizes, and one even had a house cup! Harry Potter = real life in England.


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