Friday, November 16, 2012

writer of the week

In the beginning, whenever you asked Marisa what she liked least about school she would yell out, "Writing!"
Marisa came home yesterday saying that two kids in her class were chosen to be writer of the week but that she didn't get chosen.  Knowing that writing has been a challenge for her I encouraged her that someday her hard work would pay off and that she would get chosen to be writer of the week. She wasn't discouraged by the other kids being chosen at all but it was cute to see that she had complete confidence in herself that it would happen too.

Well, today, as we walked home from school she pulled out a surprise for me and was completely estatic!!!

And so was I! Way to go Marisa! I'm SO proud of you. I know writing has not come easy for you but you are catching up and doing so well! Hurray!

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