Friday, February 8, 2008

Southern Hospitality

Marisa and I flew to Georgia this morning to visit my family for three weeks! It is busy season for Tim and since we never see him I thought it would be a good opportunity to fly south for the winter.=o)
I was physically sick this morning because I was so nervous about flying with Marisa alone. I thought my heart was going to come up through my throat. Fortunately, my prayers were answered in many, many ways and everything ran smoothly. Not only was there an extra seat beside me, but a lady at the end of our row felt claustrophobic and decided to sit somewhere else...haha. So that left us with a whole row to ourselves! Marisa had a blast and was right on schedule with napping and eating. She was so happy, laughing, and talking the whole time. She only got fussy when it was time for nap. Also, several cute, thoughtful Southerners talked to me during the flight and even offered help with Marisa and all my stuff. Their kindness not only physically helped me but also mentally made me feel at ease. It definetly feels good to be back to the good ol' Southern Hospitality.


Parkinson Family said...

thats awesome you get to be with your family for so long, im sure marisa, will love it, its so fun when the kids get to spend time with their grandparents!

Brittney said...

i miss the south


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