Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beautiful Day at the Beach

Today was a great beach weather day and there is no better way to spend the day at Newport Beach than with family. This was Marisa's first time at the beach since last summer when she was only a few months old. She definitely got to enjoy it more this time around and it was so fun to see her explore with her bucket in the sand and in the water. And I must add that she was the cutest little giraffe I've ever seen at the beach! =o)

Cute lil' beach babe!

Loving the sand!

I asked Marisa, "What does a dog say?" And she is replying, "Woo! Woo!" haha

Playing with a shell her Daddy found just for her.

My two California beach bums. I love you two!

Feet in the water!

The cutest giraffe I have ever seen!

Tim buried Haylie in the sand. I love the necklace!

Laughing little girl!


KristenH said...

K, thats a swimsuit I would wear, but now, I cant, cuz she looks way better in it than I ever would =) So cute. I NEED the beach! I've never been to California, looks pretty.

Parkinson Family said...

what a cute little bathing suit

Janna said...

That is the cutest swim suit. I wish they made it in adult sizes.


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