Sunday, April 13, 2008

I heart Georgie

Grandma Lobo bought Marisa a little Curious George doll when she came to visit around Halloween. Since then, Curious George or Georgie (as we call him) is her best friend. She LOVES him! She is not attached to a blanket but instead attached to Georgie. He has cute little blue pajamas on which is perfect because she mainly uses him before bedtime while we read books and during naptime and bedtime. She holds him so tightly while she falls asleep.
Funny story: Whenever I ask Marisa, "Are you ready to take a nap?" She nods her head and goes to her room to grab her pacifer, blanket, and Georgie. haha Gotta have Georgie!
So, I thought this picture was so cute because she even wanted to bring Georgie along for a ride in her car. haha

Smiling behind Georgie!


Dan, Jamie, & Bryson said...

Hurry and buy a back up Georgie while you can! My friend Kera's little girl lost her lamb and Kera could not find a replacement. Haidyn couldn't sleep for days. Bryson has to have a silky blankie--any silky will do.

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

I heart Georgie too! So cute! I hope she has a Happy first birthday in a couple of days! Can't believe she is almost one! Happy Early Birthday to Marisa!


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