Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sleepover at Tim and Tanya's

We had our cute niece and nephews sleepover last night. Tim and I thought it was long overdue for us to be a fun Uncle and Aunt. We ate pizza, played at the park, and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Also, Haylie and I baked for Marisa's birthday party while Cade and Tim played video games. Weston,Tanner, and Marisa crashed early.

The whole gang in pajamas! (Oh yeah, the boys didn't want to wear their shirts because Tim used to sleep with no shirt on growing up. The boys think that is so cool. haha)

Haylie and Marisa!

Is Tanner flashing gang signs or flipping the camera off? haha

Cade and Tim showing off their guns! haha

The girls!


Janna said...

That looks like so much fun. I love the no shirts. I think Tanner is flashing gang signs.

Kari said...

You guys are fun! The kids had the best time. I am so grateful for the influence of Tim and no shirts. And because it's Tanner-I'm pretty sure those are gang signs.


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