Sunday, April 20, 2008

Polka-dot Birthday Party

Marisa had her birthday party today! It was a polka-dot birthday party. I got the idea from her birthday party invitation I made. Everything was pink, orange, green, or red and everything was polka-dots. Her cupcakes and birthday cake were polka-dots and had polka-dot sprinkles. The ballons, the confetti, and the decorations were polka-dots, and to complete the theme, her party favors were bubbles with the outside decorated with polka-dots!
I also made the cupcakes, the birthday cake, and the chocolate frosting. It was my first time doing all that and they turned out delicious! Much thanks goes out to Haylie my niece for helping me make, bake, and decorate!
The party was suppossed to be at the pool but, of course, on the day of her party, sunny California decides it wants to be cold. So we moved the party to my sister-in-law's house and it turned out beautifully. Thank you soooo much Matt and Kari for opening up your house! We love you guys so much and we don't know what we would do without you guys.

Yummy cupcakes with chocolate whipped frosting and pink sprinkles!

Lots of yummy food!

Strawberry lemonade!

Happy Birthday!

Lots of pink, green, orange, and red polka-dots!

Marisa invited family of course to her party along with her two little friends Emma and Cruz and their parents. They loved playing on the trampoline, with legos, and the balloons! They are all so cute together.

The birthday girl playing with legos!

Marisa's friend Cruz!

Emma, Marisa, and Cruz playing together!

Thank you to everybody near and far for the birthday wishes and gifts. Marisa is so lucky to be loved by so many. Thank you for making her day a special one!

Marisa opening her first present!

Her cousins got her a stroller and a baby!

Banging on the drum!

Finally, Marisa loved her second birthday cake. She knew exactly what to do this time around. She loved her cake so much in fact, that once she was full she just laid back in the highchair and lounged. haha

Blowing out the candle!

Digging right in!

Oh yeah!

One happy and full tummy!


Sara said...

Cute party Tanya!! I bet it was sooo fun

The Turks said...

I love your invitation for the party. I can't believe Marrisa is 1 already. Can't wait to see you guys at the beach house in a couple months!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

What a cute and fun party! Happy birthday! Love all the decorations and the cupcakes, cake, food look great! Yummy!

Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

How cute! Her party looked like it was so much fun! Good job! Happy birthday baby Marissa!

Kari said...

That was a fun party! You did a great job Tanya and it was fun to see Marisa with her friends. You guys are the best.

Dan, Jamie, & Bryson said...

That little one sure is a cutie. The party turned out so darling!

Katie and Aaron Torriente: said...

I love the polka-dot theme, too cute! Thanks goodness busy season is over!!! said...

Oh my, what a fun and creative birthday party. I can't believe she is 1. I love looking at your blog and all the cute pictures of Marissa. She is such a cutie. We are excited to see you in a couple of months! Happy Birthday Marisa!! (Sorry I spell her name different everytime I write something) Also, I saw the cute invitation at grandma Harts house. So cute! You are quite the homemaker.

KristenH said...

Hey it's Kristen. I just ran across your blog and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I have often wondered how things are going in your new life, and am so happy to look at your blog and see everything is awesome. Your daughter is beautiful, and you look stunning (as usual!). I'm soooo happy for you, and hope everything continues to be so great in your life!
Kristen Harris (Whelan)

tracie said...

She is adorable! I remember the beginning of April last year when you were still doing The Daily News Show almost nine months pregnant... Marisa is adorable!

KristenH said...

Tanya, Thanks girl! My email is
Can't wait to hear from ya!

Parkinson Family said...

happy birthday, everything looked great!


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