Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Centennial Olympic Park

Today we went to downtown Atlanta to go outdoor iceskating at Centennial Olympic Park. Marisa was so excited once again to put on little skates just her size. She was pretty hesitant at first, holding onto the wall, but it only took a little warm-up to feel confident enough to venture out on her own!

Afterwards, we ate lunch at The Varsity. Tim and I have heard so much hype about it so we decided to try it out. The food was fine, but if you ask me, I think it is over-rated. But at least we can say we have been there!
I don't have pictures of it, sorry. I learned a hard lesson today. Don't give your way expensive lens and camera to a 3 year old to walk only 10 feet to Nana because she just might trip on the sidewalk and crack it. Bad, bad, BAD idea. Ohhhh, I'm still hurting inside because of the scare she gave me. First thought: that is $3,000 gone! Luckily, the only thing that cracked was the UV lens filter. Easy replacement. $30 bucks. Whew!

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