Friday, December 10, 2010

first time at the dentist

I've read so many different things in terms of when to take your child to the dentist for the first time, so I just decided to do it somewhere in the middle. At 3 1/2 Marisa went to the dentist for the first time today. I left Natalie with a dear friend of mine because I was a little worried how Marisa was going to react.
Boy, did I underestimate her. She was amazing! The hygenist kept saying, "I can't believe this is her first time."

But don't you agree that if you were to walk into an office and Toy Story 3 was playing on a tv in the play area, and when you are taking x-rays a mini tv next to you is playing Toy Story 3, plus when you are lying down on the chair and above you on the ceiling Toy Story 3 is playing, you would behave too?

(via iphone)

The office was completely jungle themed throughout. The walls were painted with jungle murals, stuffed jungle animals were hanging from x-ray machines and various others "scary" looking machines throughout the office, and even found sitting on benches. The play area in the waiting room was unlike any I have seen at children's offices. It had sturdy, actually good toys, a big wooden tree that stuck out from the wall to hover over the kids in the play area and a big wooden flower with the tv in the middle. Seriously, how cute is that?

After it all they handed her a green balloon with a purple toothbrush attached and a sticker page with all the Disney princess. They know how to treat a young girl right! No cavities and already looking forward to the next visit!

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