Thursday, December 23, 2010

on every corner

in California there is a Starbucks. On every corner in Georgia there is a...

I've only been once my whole life, and I don't remember much of it, so Tim and I decided to take the girls today and try to absorb the true Southern experience.

We had...
-chocolate chip waffles
-hot chocolate
-pecan waffle
-an original waffle

It was actually pretty good. And the Southern hospitality from local costumers and waitresses is always a plus I greatly miss. I still don't think I want to try the true meal of the South, "chicken and waffles". Not so yummy sounding.

1 comment:

Lindsie said...

Oh, there's this famous chicken and waffles place by my sister's house in Harlem, NY. Everyone LOVES it, and if I weren't a veggo, I'd probably love it too. Their waffles and mac 'n' cheese were great though. Good ole south.


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