Saturday, December 25, 2010

this is the only time of the year...

...where I just let myself completely indulge in all the absolutely wonderful Christmas sweets. Nothing is off limits for me and neither is the amount. Peppermint oreos, sugar cookies, and all sorts of chocolate galore. And I think having kids during Christmas is even twice as yummy because I get to share memories while baking next to them.

The girls made a gingerbread house with me along with Nana and Leslie. The house came premade, but when we opened the box the cookie was broken. We tried to piece it back to together with frosting, but no such luck.

The girls had fun anyways. Mainly, because they ate more candy than they put on the house. Everytime Marisa would put a piece of candy on the house Natalie would pick it off and eat it. Way counterproductive.

Marisa snuck her share of sweets anyways. I went downstairs to check on Marisa later on during the evening and I caught her eating the icing straight from the bag. :)

After the house decorating the girls traditionally opened up their Christmas pajamas. Natalie vocally exclaimed her excitement by saying, "Whoa!" Who knew a one year old could be excited by that!

(And can I just say that taking a picture of two kids smiling is near to impossible? Especially when the lighting in the house sucks. Grr.)

After that we did some more treat-making by making Santa his cookies, of course! Oh yeah, and we musn't forget the reindeer get hungry too.

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