Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crappy Customer Service {revisited}

Wanna hear a joke?

Tim and I finally have our UK bank cards. Yay! But, only after they had shipped them to the U.S. first even though Tim had spoken with them here, in London. Oh yeah, my in-laws are shipping our bank checks to us because they shipped those to the U.S. too. Really, people!!

Anyways, we can finally set up our utilities in our flat with our U.K. bank cards and the first one we did was, yes, internet and phone. :) We were able to do it all online, thankfully, because we still have no cell phones, and once we filled out all the proper information and clicked the button 'submit order', the date for them to come and install it pops up.

Here is the joke...

We set this up online on May 8th and they come.....MAY 26th!!!
Tim and I just laughed. I mean, really. What else can we do?

So, this 4th of July as you celebrate our independence from Britain, think of me will you? Think of this story and the following crappy customer service stories as well...

-I called John Lewis to find out where the rest of our bedding is. It has been 2 weeks, remember? It took at least 5 minutes on the phone going back forth with a heavy Irish accent guy saying, "I see we have refunded you for the missing items." "What is the order number again?" "What items are you missing?" "What is the item number?" "What items are you missing again?" "I see we have refunded you for the fitted sheets." "Oh, you are missing cotbed sheets and cotbed pillow cases?" "We have refunded you for the fitted sheets." "What items are you missing again?"

Me: "I'M MISSING THE COTBED SHEETS AND COTBED PILLOWCASES!" "WHERE ARE THEY!?" (I made sure to emphasize the T everytime.)

-I called John Lewis again about where my really big refund was for our double mattress and base returned 2 1/2 weeks ago.
"Oh sorry I don't know why it doesn't show up that you refused the order. Sorry."

-Nicole and I at the local library...
Me: "When do you have children's storytime/singing time?"
Librarian: "I'm not sure. Is there a paper displayed somewhere?"
(I don't know, you tell me.)
Me: "Well, obviously today, but anything else during the week?"
Librarian: "I think Tuesdays and Thursdays."

(Awkward pause. I'm waiting for her to tell me the times, etc. You know, the information you would normally get from a librarian.)

Librarian: "You can check online, but it isn't always accurate. You should ring us first."

(Awkward pause, again.)

Then I'm suddenly just staring at two librarians staring at each other awkwardly with nothing else to say. I'm not sure what I was waiting for, but I think I was searching for helpful information, anything that made sense, really ... Anyone?, Anyone?, Bueler?, Bueler?...

Me: "Alright...I'll ring before I come."

Then Nicole and I walk away laughing with her saying, "See what I mean?"

-Lastly, took my mobile phone to get questions answered for the 3rd time by me, (Tim had gone a separate 2 other times), because it wasn't working again or I should say we weren't getting what we paid for. Long story short, don't go with Vodafone, they have no idea what they are doing, they tell you something different everytime, they suck.
In fact, one of the times Tim went in, before they could help him with anything they wanted him to pay first. Obviously, Tim wasn't going to do that so they told him, "call customer service."
Tim just grabbed his things and walked out!

Well, there you go. Go Britain.


Elaine said...

Really sounds like your having a interesting time. I didn't realize things would be so hard. Keep smiling. I love the stories.

becca b said...

It's hilarious and enfuriating all at the same time! I think you might get really good at FORCING people to do things for you.


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