Monday, May 9, 2011

Hampton Court Palace

One of the nice things about not having a tv, or even having a couch yet, or anything really for that matter...., is that it forces us to get out. Not that we need much of a push anyways...

Yesterday, we went to Hampton Court Palace. Absolutely beautiful. The gardens are the most breathtaking. I've officially decided that pictures just don't do these amazing places we have seen any justice.

There is just so much history in London that it is really overwhelming. One man I want and need to know more about is Henry VIII. We got to see his apartments and his kitchens and learn more of his story, again.

Oh, and what do you know, the King himself.

We also got to see real artifacts like paintings and beds from centuries ago. I can't believe some things are still around!

The palaces are magnificent and massive for even our day in age and I can't wrap my mind around how amazing it must have been back in the days of King Henry.

The Fountain Court.

According to Wikipedia, this gatehouse above is also known today as Anne Boleyn's gate, after Henry's second wife. Work was still underway on Anne Boleyn's apartments above the gate when the King, having tired of her, had her executed!

Like I said, the grounds were just gorgeous. So lovely. One of my favorite European traditions here is to eat icecream out on the lawn, on walks, in the plazas. So, strawberry icecream near The East Front and Gardens today!

We also did the famous Maze within the gardens of Hampton Court Palace. We found the centre! It was actually not easy... I read that on average it takes 20 minutes to find the centre.

Right before we moved here we found out that Mother's Day in the UK just happened and of course, U.S. Mother's Day is today. Tim thought he could actually get away with no Mother's Day for this year. Good thing he is a smart man. ;)
So in celebration of Mother's Day we went to South Bank and ate at a restaurant called Giraffe. Totally fun place. Very colourful and way fun for the kids. The girls had bright coloured giraffes stuck into their straws and bright orange balloons to take home afterwards. Balloons just brighten their day always.
Because we were so close to a few things we haven't seen yet we strolled on over to see Big Ben and Parliament up close.

FYI: Did you know, that Big Ben does not refer to the clock it actually refers to the biggest bell in the chime, weighing close to 14 tons? A little food for thought.


Kari said...

The girls eating ice cream on the bench is so cute. And I'm glad Tim decided to celebrate Mother's Day. Because you deserve to be celebrated! Love ya.

Fisher Family said...

I keep meaning to tell you that you need to eat at Nando's while you are there. The food is so good!!

Hampton court is amazing. It looks like you guys are having a great time!


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