Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I would have you know that it was Tim's idea to want to be in the middle of the chaos for The Royal Wedding. Not that Tim is into weddings, he is into history. :)

At first I was hesitant when he told me he wanted to do this ONLY because I wasn't sure how prepared I was to handle it all with a buggy and thousands of people in a small location. But, hello, I totally would have camped out for days to be in the procession route if I didn't have kids!! I'm not that lame!
We heard that Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square were going to show live footage of the wedding on massive screens and Tim and I both instantly said, "Let's do that for sure." Much easier with kids.

I still was a little hesitant though because they were expecting 200,000 people. But I knew that we had to. First, we don't have a television yet, second, we live here so we have to see it!!

Right when the girls woke up we quickly got ready and hopped on the tube to Hyde Park. We arrived at a great time because we were able to be close enough to see the TV real well, lay out our blanket, and enjoy lunch. As I looked around us the ambiance of the park was so cool. Everyone had champagne bottles and glasses in their own picnic areas to celebrate the wedding, union flags were waving everywhere, everyone was happy and excited, food stands were selling all kinds of foods at two kinda near distances, weather was just perfect, not too cold not too hot. A really neat experience to be sitting in.

This whole time I'm also thinking what Kate must be thinking. You know how nervous and excited you get before your own wedding? Can you imagine knowing that the entire world is tuning in to watch you get married? That people are gathering by the 100 thousands, literally, outside the Palace and at nearby areas? That people are buying memorabilia of your engagement photo on mugs, plates, scarfs, flags, clocks, etc? That people, corporate people mind you, have the day off from WORK because YOU are getting married? Talk about nerves!

Which reminds me, leading up to the wedding I have seen some pretty hilarious and awful memorabilia. Here are a few I thought were funny.

Also, I'm sure Kate is over the shock that she is marrying a prince, and marrying into Royalty, but I thought it was so cool that she is going in as a commoner and then coming out as Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge! Dang, girl!

People were everywhere, police were everywhere. I think 5,000 police officers were out that day.
Right when we got off the tube, people on the street were selling British flags with Prince William and Kate on them, scarfs with their faces on them, programs, etc.
We bought two little flags for the girls and they just had such a blast waving them around, especially when the whole crowd surrounding us were cheering and waving their flags at appropriate times.

People were also wearing crowns and tiaras, cardboard masks of the faces of Prince William and Kate, and even Victoria Beckham. Pretty funny. Some people were even dressed as knights from the medieval times. We saw some hilarious things.
There were 3 older American ladies right behind us who made these veils and British pajamas pants....

and were interviewed by many international television stations. I mean, really, they just scream out great tv! We loved being by them actually. They were so nice to us and the girls.

When Prince William entered his car and drove down the procession route people in the crowd stood up and cheered and waved their flags. And they really cheered when the Queen made her debut down the route.

Now when it was time for Kate to enter the car, every single person stood up and stared at the catch a glimpse of her dress....cheers were so loud, flags waving like crazy when she started down the road. It was such a fun moment I will never forget. And of course, when Kate stepped out everyone freaked out. Her dress was AMAZING! So STUNNING! I LOVED it!

I even got teary-eyed many times during this event. I'm not even sure why!
Maybe the fact that I was a part of history? Maybe the fact that just down the street really all this is actually taking place live? Maybe because it really did feel like I was in a fairytale. The sound of the church bells after they got married I swear are the same sounds off of the Cinderella movie. The combination of the beautiful sounding bells, confetti flying everywhere in Hyde Park as they walked to the carriage, and watching a horse drawn carriage carry a real prince and princess is beyond words. I don't know.

The girls were so mesmerized by the "princess" that whenever she waved Marisa would smile and wave back at the screen. She totally thought the princess was waving at her. Even Natalie kept saying, "Wella!" Meaning: Cinderella.

Once the actual service started everyone sat down and quietly chatted and ate lunch. We sat through the whole thing and the newlywed couple's procession back to the Palace. The girls were starting to get tired and restless so we didn't say for the famous kiss on the balcony. I'm going to have to watch it later.

I don't regret going at all. It would have been really great to be somewhere in the procession route, but that was impossible for us. People were even camping out for days before the wedding!

I love that I can say I was there and that I may even be in the Royal Wedding Album! At least that is whay they said. Probably a lie, but whatever! They took this picture of Hyde Park for the album. Check it out!


Unknown said...

Hey, I checked out this picture. You really were in that crowd. How awesome. That is an experience you will always remember.

Kari said...
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Kari said...

That was me before..I spelled something wrong. I love Marisa's red coat and cute scarf. Looking so stylish for the Royal Wedding. Maybe she can marry a real prince someday.

Sara said...

We just heard that you guys won't be able to come to the Steamboat Springs trip. I've very sad, we will miss you guys! Also, that's so awesome that you were in the crowd at the Royal Wedding. Kate is my hero :)


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