Tuesday, July 5, 2011



We finally have iphones again.

Meet my new iphone 4 in blanco...

It is fully equipped with
-a password to get into my phone
-the locate my iphone app
-a bulletproof sleeve
-an alarm system

-I have attached an invisible bomb to it so if someone tries to steal it from me again ... KABOOM!

Ok, some of them are a little of an exaggeration, but you get my drift.


And in other good news, today while playing at the park I noticed that there were people gathering around off to the side by a fence.
I fortunately live literally right next to one of London's royal parks which will host Olympic events next year. They have been doing lots of work to the park and blocking things off to prepare for all the trial runs lately, etc.
Anyways, we just walked over to the fence and realized that the trial runs were going on right then!

We basically had front row seats to see all of the equestrian contestants from around the world and their horses jumping in our little pond!
We always have a picnic at the park when we go so today we just sat down and ate our lunch while watching the horses go by! The ladies who were working for the event were so nice to tell us which country was coming up next. I hollered and raised the roof when the lady said, "U.S.A next". haha

Go U.S.A!!

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