Sunday, July 24, 2011

"my different voice"

It didn't take very long for Marisa to catch on to the fact that people here speak differently. It didn't take long for her to understand either.
In fact, before she even started school she had already developed a slight British accent. It actually comes out very strongly every time she asks a question.

A few of my favourites, (please read in British accent)...

"Mummy, can I paint? Can't I?"


"Can I have this lovely toy?"

One time while Marisa was trying to talk to Tim and ask him a whole bunch of questions it was so strong and she spoke like that for a long time. Tim didn't even answer right away because he couldn't believe it and you could tell was trying to soak it all in. I looked at Tim and said, "Well...are you going to answer your British child?" haha
Well, tonight while we were reading books before bed, Natalie was reading this "search and find" princess book. She was having a hard time finding one of the items on page, but luckily, her big sister was ready to help her.

Marisa then suddenly says to Natalie, (read in British accent, again), "Natalie, it's somewhere over here."

After Marisa said that she took a long pause, turned around, and then quickly smiled at us and then laughingly said, "Ha! That was in my different voice."

We laughed so hard. She completely unintentionally spoke to Natalie in a British accent! And it even took Marisa by surprise!

The rest of the night she was able to turn on/off her accent so easily. Just like that! Like a light switch. It's amazing!

We wanted to record it on video and when we asked her, "Marisa, speak in your different voice." She at first replied, "In Spanish?"

Whoa, trilingual now are we! haha I love that girl.

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Elaine said...

Can't wait to hear both girls talk. We are so excited to see all of you.


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