Saturday, July 23, 2011

Portobello Market

I love having a British friend, (well, actually, she is really American, but married an English man and has lived here for 6 years), who will let me drag her through my adventures in London. I have finally recently wrote out my bucket list and you bet I dragged Jana with me this morning to start crossing off my list.

First thing crossed off, Portobello Market.

I was on a search for my last and final tea cup to complete my set and I found it as this stall where they had rows and rows of vintage cameras!

Portobello is about a 2 mile long market with loads of antiques, fruit and vegetables, junk, jewelry, pastries, I mean seriously, name it it is sold there.

The food part of the market was by no surprise probably my favourite. I bought a huge, yummy perfectly baked bloomer for £1, a sausage roll for Tim for £1, and massive pink sprinkled doughnuts for £1 each for the girls.

I wish I could get my produce exclusively from there. Cheap, fresh, and de-lish.

NottingHill is a pastel colorful town with just some of the most darling homes. Imagine that, right??

Can I please live in these cute homes?? I mean, really.
I am so glad we arrived first thing in the morning because it was a nut house when we were trying to leave. Jana and I had a very lovely morning as we were able to enjoy our shopping and casually stroll down the mile long market. I can visit this place over and over again just for the food.
My cup of tea.

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Kristen Whelan said...

I am in love with your life! haha. Man, these photos are awesome-- I wanna come...


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