Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kew Palace

Yesterday we visited Kew Palace and Kew Botanical Gardens. It was a very simple, yet lovely weekend.

There were plenty of children's activities such as the "Treehouse Towers" and the "Climbers and Creepers".
I love these English style swings.

There was even a zipwire!

A few things we saw inside the gardens were bamboo, palm trees, the Rose Garden...

... and the Waterlily House, which contained lily pads that can grow up to two meters long!

As for the palace, King George III and his family lived here.

What's neat about this residence is that most of the rooms have been untouched for almost two centuries.
If you notice on the wall of this picture below it says, 15 ,which stands for 15 shilings. That was handwritten back in the day with the original price of the wall. Pretty cool!

Also interesting, on the door knobs of the second floor they have a C and P engraved on them which stands for Prince Charles. Apparently, he played a major part in restoring some of the palace so he had his name engraved on the door knob just like Prince Frederick, son of George III, did on the first floor knobs.

Tim kept saying, "This is awesome", as we had a picnic by the river Thames and spotted different cloud formations with the girls. So simple, yet so relaxing and enjoyable to enjoy this moment in our lives together as a family.


Elaine said...

It looks like a really relaxing place to visit.

Kari said...

Looks like fun! I love looking for shapes in the clouds. I love the pictures of Marisa on the zip line. I miss that genuine smile of hers. We will miss all of you this week. Love ya!


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