Friday, March 30, 2012

ballet school

With my camera and my iphone both in hand I officially became the mommarazzi this afternoon.
Today was Marisa's last day of ballet class for this term and all family members were invited to come and sit in for the class. I was obviously beyond excited trying to capture every little thing with both of my recording devices. I was quite the sight.

Smiley feet, teacup hands...I can hardly stand all the cuteness. But I'm glad that besides the class being cute and super fun for Marisa, her teacher really does an amazing job teaching proper technique and will be hard on the girls when necessary. I really, really like that. My favourite dance teachers growing up where the hardest ones on me.

Technique wise Marisa was the best, flexibility wise the worst. Now I know what we need to work on at home! Marisa looks forward to ballet every week, she jumps for joy even thinking about ballet class. Next term it is ballet and tap! I can't even wait!


Elaine said...

What a cutie. She looks like she will follow her mommy. Way to go Marisa.

Kari said...

Maybe lack of flexibility is a Hart thing. She looks so happy.

Sara said...

Mommarazzi!! haha you are so funny. Marisa is just way too cute.


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